About Efa

Thank you for visiting EFA. 

At EFA we aim to become India's largest on-demand learning platform for skills. We envision that talents and tutors from all over India get a platform through which they can spread their knowledge and make a career out of digital course creation. For students, our focus is providing them with the highest quality learning material at a fraction of cost, and complete ease of learning. 

EFA's Mission & Core Values

सरस्वति महाभागे विद्ये कमललोचने ।
विद्यारूपे विशालाक्षि विद्यां देहि नमोस्तुते ॥

For Students

To provide affordable learning to students from all financial backgrounds

To provide education in languages convenient to students from all regions

To provide skills that helps upgrade and uplift learners intellectually and financially

To generate confidence in learners and generate a sense of achievement that brings positivity in their lives

To help generate employment opportunities for students

To opt only for accurate and honest marketing strategies

For Tutors

To give an opportunity to ALL creators of any age and background to showcase and spread their knowledge.

To give an opportunity for creators to uplift themselves financially

To develop the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst creators that further creates employment

To allow the creators to create a legacy of their knowledge and skill base

To promote creators and help them receive the recognition their work deserves